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payment gateway

the easy-to-implement and easy-to-use payment gateway.

Intuitively manage eCommerce from day one.

The eCommerce and all the points of sale connected from a single interface

Value-added functionalities.

Compatible with all banks, cards and brands

Optimization of bank fees

Customizable reporting of operations

Maximum security. PCI-DSS compliance

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propietary payment tool

Support for the eCommerce payment method

Own platform

for the complete management of the payment network

Management of registrations, incidents, inquiries and modifications.

Control and manage your inventories, track repairs

and view management information from a single tool.

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Development of plugins for integration

of payment in eCommerce

Selling through eCommerce requires an expert team in IT and payment methods for the integration of payment gateways with knowledge of the comprehensive management of the life cycle of omnichannel point of sale terminals (both physical and virtual).

With the capacity to develop its own payment and financing plugins for the main CMS, Necomplus is the ideal partner for resolving incidents on behalf of the entity.

Integrated CMS

Prestashop 1.6

Prestashop 1.7

Magento 1.9

Magento 2



Keys services

Necomplus has the infrastructure to support

and maintain the SDK for its customers.

Development of plugins for the main CMS

Agile maintenance with leading-edge SDK evolution

Cost reduction thanks to the guarantee of developments

Compliance with current security regulations

Safety is in
the DNA of Necomplus

 As an expert technology company in payment methods, the company has teams that have extensive experience in the development of security systems in both cards and terminals, responding to the needs of entities.

Some of the solutions developed by Necomplus include:



  • POS Solutions (Point of Sale)
  • Multi-environment (traditional POS, mobile)
  • Multiservice (financial and non-financial operations)



  • Certified by EMVCo
  • Optimised for ATMs and embedded devices

Software for loading keys in PIN-PADs y POS

Software for loading keys in PIN-PADs y POS

  • Terminal Key Loading Tool using secure HSM devices (Safenet, Websentry)
  • Unified Protocol of PINs-PADs (PUPs)

Security & PCI consulting


Security is one of the fundamental aspects in the world of payment methods, especially in eCommerce. This has led to the creation of a regulatory committee that establishes mandatory security standards to reduce fraud in the payment card industry PCI (Payment Card Industry).

Necomplus has a team with deep knowledge of these regulations that facilitates compliance with them, establishing measures that help customers prevent cyberattacks and avoid possible sanctions.

Continuous training

In a world as dynamic as that of security, it is essential to be up-to-date and for this reason, training is part of the DNA of Necomplus.

We have official certifications in our team:

PCI regulations (PCI Professional taught by the PCI Security Standards Council)

In cybersecurity (CSX Cybersecurity taught by ISACA)

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Fraud management

Card claims and incident management services

Differential aspects of the Necomplus service

Global vision of the client

When addressing the management of a possible fraud, Necomplus analyzes the entire portfolio and the client position to make a duly informed decision.

The definition of security levels by product and customer segment is evaluated with the entities:

Selective blocking

Particular casuistry (eg clients abroad)

Necomplus offers its clients an expert team in the issuing and acquiring environment, which not only manages fraud alerts 24×7, but also supports operational control or performs causal and preventive analysis of threats. It also resolves the incident files that are subsequently managed for confirmed fraud.

For this, the team masters the Visa, Mastercard regulations and is trained to carry out the accounting management of the incident.

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Support for physical payment devices

POS for independent stores and integrated PIN-PAD with box for store chains

Integrated solution with cashier software and compatible with ERP


Statistics and reconciliations of card transactions

Operational reporting

Technical support


 payment network manager for physical environment

Management of registrations, installations / withdrawals, incidents, inquiries


A single platform for the complete management of the card-present or eCommerce payment network.

Control and manage from a single tool, inventory management, control of repairs and interventions in the field, or consult the information related to management.

Simplification of management and cost optimization

Maximum flexibility to meet customer requirements

Security and high availability

Increased productivity

Agility in commissioning by agent

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Payment gateway

for transactional optimization

Necomplus’ solution for managing payments for the

eCommerce sales network , easy to implement and intuitive to use.

The customizable solution that achieves a differential payment experience.

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of value added


Applications based on a powerful database engine, easily adaptable to the required profiles, which allows you to respond to the needs of your business: order management, loyalty programs, quality and satisfaction surveys, etc …


Unify the payment of Public Administration services: transport, cultural services, sports, cultural events …

Additional services
for the retail sector

Canalapp para la gestión de comercios

Canalapp para la gestión de comercios

The fastest way for businesses to notify the POS network managers of both incidents and notifications or alerts for their resolution.

Regulatory advisory services

Regulatory advisory services

Necomplus has a specialised security service so that the bank can offer its clients advice on current payment regulations to prevent fraud and avoid possible sanctions.

Fraud management

Fraud management

Necomplus provides its clients with an expert team in the issuing and acquiring environment, which not only manages fraud alerts 24×7, but also supports operational control and performs causal and preventive analysis of threats.

of clients

Large retailers


Retail commerce

Service stations


Support for physical payment networks and virtual POS

Physical networks


Specialized Acquisition Services

SEA centralizes commercial attention, the back office and the resolution of incidents to businesses, achieving highly satisfactory experiences. The team of agents specialized in means of payment provides a differential technical service, relying on the SAU platform for customer service.

Comprehensive management of the business life cycle

Specialized multi-level and multi-language support for technical service to physical and virtual POS. Information accessibility: interventions, inventories, calls, remote resolutions, online reporting, this and much more thanks to the own PI platform.


Learn more about the platform for the management of payment networks here

Support to the entity's office network

Fast and effective management without emails or calls, through a ticketing system that gives priority according to the type of support and allows monitoring until resolution.

SEA, an omnichannel technical service

for the new digital customer







ACD Cloud



The growth of eCommerce offers an excellent opportunity for entities to expand the acquisition business; For this, they must reach high standards in the agility of the management deadlines, minimizing the failed procedures that generate unexpected costs.

Those entities that prioritize this great opportunity position themselves by defining value proposals that satisfy the needs of the demanding online customer.

Necomplus provides support for more than 40,000 virtual POS stores, providing the know-how that ensures the growth of the entity’s eCommerce business.

Key support factors

to the Necomplus virtual POS

Training for commercial staff

Train the network with tools and provide it with channels to communicate with the client, for example to improve the security of data exchange.

Campaigns for the maintenance of security and communications protocol. (eg SHA 256 or TLS 1.2)

Technological Solution

Offer multiple payment systems (VISA, MC, JCB, AMEX, DINERS, PayPal among others), allow access to information, control fraud, develop plugins for the main eCommerce CMS and customize the virtual POS for the payment gateway.

Necomplus has its own EMPIGO tool for comprehensive service management.

Specialized Technical Support

Proactive and omnichannel helpdesk, accompanying the business throughout the life cycle of the solution.

Excellence in SLAs with resolution of 90% of registrations in a maximum of 48 hours and helpdesk assistance in 24 hours. Support in the implementation of PCI compliance. Monitoring of levels of use and consumption.

Smart Affiliate Platform

PIA is Necomplus’ tool to streamline the business affiliation flow, which includes


of payment devices

Business affiliation

The high presence of cash in Latin America, which represents 58% of payments at the point of sale, offers a relevant opportunity to penetrate the “base of the pyramid” through the commercialization of POS as a way to capture the existing value.

Necomplus, with offices in Peru, Colombia and the Dominican Republic, offers a value proposition that includes from the acquisition of businesses on behalf of the entity, to the purchase of the POS and its assignment in sale or rental mode, managing the after-sales service to the trade .

Advantages provided by Necomplus in the commercialization of POS without investment risk for the entity

Outsourced sales force

Flexibility of ArtemisPay, Necomplus payment gateway that allows the device software to be adapted or customized to the needs of the client or particular project.

POS tested in all markets where Necomplus operates

Own support and maintenance

27 years of experience in the sector

8 years of direct presence of Necomplus in Latin America

Access more information about the Necomplus affiliation referral project

backoffice services

 Swift transfers

Necomplus has a specialized team for processing messages related to collections and payments, in which the entity acts as Correspondent Bank when they are received from an Originator Bank, Beneficiary Bank or Hedging Bank that participates in the operation.

In turn, the service is offered for the creation of personalized procedures and studies based on previously defined indicators


Creation of a procedure with the detected casuistry and coordination with the different departments involved in Swift messaging.

Design of a template system standardizing the message issued and minimizing the response composition time.

Reduction of response times from 7 days to the same day of receipt of the Swift message.

Optimization of the service through the analysis of traffic and the concentration of messages by time slots, adapting the schedule by shifts to attend to the messages received from American and Asian banks.

 Helpdesk to online banking

Omnichannel support to internal and external users of the bank

for Voice Channel and Digital Channels:


Telephone assistance for the resolution of queries and particular operations, as well as remote management of the client’s back office.


Helpdesk for managing mobile or web banking for companies and individuals.


Resolution of informative inquiries (commercial characteristics of the banking product), consultative (inquiry on how to use remote banking) and operational (telephone banking, Confirming), through digital channels such as Email, online chat, ChatBot, WhatsApps, Twitter and Messenger of Facebook.



Necomplus is also a benchmark in the management and optimization of processes for the real estate, tourism and insurance sectors.

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