Outsourcing Services in Customer Experience

We want to be the strategic partner of your company allowing you to maximize the business by bringing greater management efficiency and a better experience to its users. We have three large service divisions. Find out about them by clicking on the images below.

Tailor-made solutions

Business generation

Increase income and profitability

We optimise your company’s processes to improve results with a combination of the following techniques:

Telemarketing, Client segmentation, product activation, queries support, client follow-up, cross-selling, guarantees, loyalty, recovery, management of cancellation.


We study your competitors and offer a comprehensive service for commercial client service, as well as database segmentation according to your needs, product features, habits or age of the target audience.

Arrangement of visits

Remote cross-selling



Value development

Specialists in making the most of your current clients’ portfolios, with a dual focus on maximising profitability for the company and, at the same time, exceed the expectations of users by proposing relevant offers at appropriate times.

Service activation

Increase of use

Changes of plan or rate

Surveys with insights


In order to optimise a growth strategy, it is essential to guarantee a high retention level of the current client base or you run the risk of simply changing the composition of the client base without obtaining any increase thereof.

Reactive retention

Preventive retention

Client recovery


Comprehensive solutions

On-site Installation and Maintenance

Our extensive experience in the management of the device base allows us to guarantee a high quality service with a strict cost control. Maximum efficacy without detriment to efficiency.


Equipment Installation

TI Helpdesk

Incident consultation

Tele-management (Preventive)




Platform and Recycling

Destruction of equipment

Shipment management and follow-up

Stock control

Alert management

Management of payment defaults

Administrative Management

Improve Customer Experience


Comprehensive Solutions

As a strategic partner, at Necomplus we define an excellence policy by establishing with our clients the goals to offer maximum quality and service, by exceeding the users’ expectations.

We inform at all times about the clients’ satisfaction degree or the evolution of operations by means of real-time data and tailor-made reports, thanks to automation processes.

Some of the services are: Client Service, Helpdesk, Operative Reporting, Analytical Marketing, Quality Control, Auditing, Loyalty Solutions, Sales Networks, Backoffice and Incidents.


Omnichannel Communication Platform

Omnichannel platform and human team management with a Customer Experience culture, with monitoring of client treatment by measuring protocols, tone, fluency, knowledge and resolution (perceived by end users).

Inbound, outbound and blended platform with a variety of typologies and quick accesses to empower the agent. With intuitive management of the workload and multiple Analytics options.

Improvement of client service ratios such as the satisfaction index (CSAT), the Net Promoter Score (NPS) or the First Contact Resolution (FCR).


Many leading companies choose Necomplus as partner to expertly manage their clients and processes. In the banking sector, we may highlight entities such as Banco Sabadell, CaixaBank or Cajamar, in the insurance sector companies such as DKV-Ergo, in real estate Solvia, in tourism Goldcar rent-a-car, in technology Informática El Corte Inglés, among others.

In Latin America, Necomplus assists the main payment processors, such as VisaNet and Procesos Medios de Pago in Peru, CredibanCo in Colombia or CardNet in the Dominican Republic. Clients who regularly assess the reliability, the capacity for response, the knowledge of their product, client service as well as technological innovation; an audit that ensures Necomplus complies with high levels of self-commitment.

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