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Adquisition Suite

Payment gateway

Are you looking for a profitable, agile and secure payment solution for point of sale and eCommerce?

The answer is ArtemisPay, the easy-to-implement and easy-to-use payment gateway.
Intuitively manage the sales network and eCommerce from day one.

Learn about the advantages to obtain a better experience at the point of sale

All points of sale connected from a single interface

Value-added functionalities at the point of sale

Compatible with all banks, cards and brands

Optimization of bank fees

Customizable reporting of operations

Easy integration system in payment devices without displacement

Maximum security. PCI-DSS compliance

Defining a differential experience at the point of sale implies evolving the standard payment model. With ArtemisPay, achieving the goal and improving the payment experience is quick and easy.

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POS Android

The differential experience for the point of sale

POS terminals with the Android operating system offer versatility and flexibility, thanks to their open architecture, which are key to a differential experience at the point of sale.

Applications to sell more and better …

Meet customer needs by offering high-value, customized and segmented solutions.

Split the bill of sale

Associate insurance with the product sold

Book a table in a restaurant

Tip management


Satisfaction surveys

Buy a transport pass

Connection to the shop's cash register

Offer an employee presence control, shift closings

On-line reports

Emergency button


Commerce portal

The App’s store to increase sales

Necomplus offers a private and multi-brand marketplace,

essential to manage differential applications in Android POS.


Improve the customer experience in commerce by authorizing the upload of financial and non-financial value-added apps.

The corporate marketplace for your Android POS fleet

Allow merchants to install the Apps from the corporate Marketplace, previously installed in their Android POS park.

Control the authorship, approval and signature of the downloadable Apps from your marketplace.

Implement all the changes in your Android POS, also from the private link of the management website.

Ágora, the Necomplus marketplace for the control, management, distribution and collaboration of the POS network

Protection of the POS and your data

Equipment geolocation

Management and maintenance of the Android device park

Available to all major manufacturers

Ecosystem for the development of solutions for own or collaborative use.

Canal App, autogestión para comercios

CanalApp establishes a communication channel between the POS network manager and the merchants, so that they can efficiently transfer incidents, notifications or alerts for resolution.

Main functionalities

Guided system for reporting incidents >>

POS application >>

Request for consumables through the Expeditus app >>

Validation of authorized technicians >>

Direct access to content for commerce (videos, FAQs, manuals …) >>

Entity push messages >>

Satisfaction surveys, quality … >>




The solución allows
the merchant to communicate
proactively with the entity
for management of registrations, cancellations and incidents.




Agility for the entity gestora de la red

CanalApp is
the way that anticipates the needs
of the trade, and allows to classify
incidents and optimize the back office,
through the maximum resolution that
the support team guarantees.





Improvement of the commercial management of POS of the entity

>> It helps to achieve commercial objectives, facilitating the sale of acquiring solutions that, due to their technological component, do not usually dominate the branch network well.

>> Digitize the service sales experience.

PI, payment’s network managment tool


The ticketing tool that simplifies and optimizes the payment network

The efficient, flexible and scalable technological solution, based on Cloud Computing, which improves the speed of adaptation to business needs.
The comprehensive customer and POS management tool, which connects in real time all the operational areas involved.

Standard architecture with easy maintenance, the perfect union of design and functionality.

A single platform for the complete management of the card-present or eCommerce payment network.

Control and manage from a single tool, inventory management, control of repairs and interventions in the field, or consult the information related to management.

Simplification of management and cost optimization

Maximum flexibility to meet customer requirements

Security and high availability

Increased productivity

Agility in commissioning by agent

Mantenimiento de TPV: Gestión inteligente de incidencias

PI Mobile

The mobile version of the PI solution facilitates the interventions of the field technicians, allowing an exhaustive control of SLA as well as the consultation of the information in Realtime.






Downloadable for Android smartphone

>> Online management and closings by field technicians

>> Geolocation of the technician and trade

>>Quality surveys to clients











Digitized field technicians



Management consultable in Realtime



PIA, app para afiliación de comercios



The Necomplus platform to support the registration of POS terminals provides agility in the management and debugging of failed interventions.


The affiliation of businesses with PIA

> Omnichannel affiliation service for the POS
> Online application integrated in the branch network
> Quality control and online reporting in Realtime
> Improvement of the entity’s image thanks to the agility of the procedures and the reduction of missed visits



PIA, flexible, intuitive and compatible POS registration support app with commercial actions of the entity that improves its results.

Expeditus, gestión de consumibles


is the logistics manager that allows to generate requests for all kinds of supplies and accessories based on a predictive model.

The trade will only have to say how it wants the delivery of its consumables.










Agility and simplicity

This is the functionality

management for businesses

that is integrated into CanalApp.

While the e-ticket is being consolidated, Expeditus is the ideal solution for consumables and accessories.


Many leading companies choose Necomplus as a partner to expertly manage their customers and processes. In the banking sector, entities such as Banco Sabadell, CaixaBank or Cajamar stand out, in the insurance sector for companies such as DKV-Ergo, in real estate for Solvia, in tourism for Goldcar rent-a-car, in technology for El Corte Inglés, among others.

In Latin America, Necomplus assists the main payment processors, such as Niubiz (Visanet) and Procesos Medios de Pago in Peru, CredibanCo in Colombia and CardNet in the Dominican Republic. Clients who regularly evaluate the reliability, response capacity, knowledge of their product, customer service as well as technological innovation; an audit which obliges Necomplus to comply with high levels of self-demand.

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