Necomplus leads the payment system division in Iberia and Latin America for ASE/Payten.

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Payten is a member of the Asseco South Eastern Europe (ASEE), a leading IT provider in the SEE region in terms of the revenue derived from its own software and services.

Payten’s wide offer portfolio for the payments industry includes solutions for eCommerce, mPayments, Processing as well as ATM and POS related services.

Since 2019, Necomplus leads Iberia and Latin America regions of Payten, as a key player providing innovative payment solutions and outsourcing services for processors, acquirers and merchants.







M transactions (month)

Payten in a Nutshell

Member of ASEE, part de Asseco, the 6th software vendor in Europe
Wide portfolio of solutions for eCommerce, mPayments and processing
POS and ATM maintenance services
Payment network solution for merchants based on its advanced payment gateway, Monri
Proprietary 3DS SCA solution for gateways and entities (TriDES2)
Proprietary fraud prevention solution (InACT)
Over 200 major payment customers
Leaders in a market of +600M inhabitants

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