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We are constantly growing, that is why we are always looking for talents, in any of the company’s areas. Join us in this exciting environment of accelerated pace, where your career opportunities are endless.

We believe in our people and always support initiatives and new ideas. Together with continuous training and internal promotion, the possibilities for a successful global career at Necomplus have no end. Our goal is that a job with Necomplus should be more than just a job; it should be the beginning of a career full of opportunities.

Endless job

We understand that the goals should be common and we constantly support each other to achieve them. We value all contributions and acknowledge that each person contributes a unique value.

We are aware that the growth we have experienced in the last few years and the possibility to overcome future challenges will only be possible thanks to the indispensable work of the whole team within the organisation, good internal communication, transparency, flexibility and conciliation.

Our aim is the employee’s satisfaction not only through remuneration policies, professional development plans and support to personal, family and working life balancing. We want people to feel comfortable in their day to day and we constantly work in the study and implementation of measures and incentives to achieve it.

We are a leading company in the Outsourcing of business processes.

We are an international company with more than 700 employees throughout the world

We are a young company, with a high percentage of people under the age of 40

We support responsible, honest, committed people with client focus and who wish to work in a young and dynamic environment.

“The most productive work comes from happy person”

Benefits for

Work equality

Flexibility in working hours.

Possibility to combine with studies

Possibility to work in the summer

Internal promotion

Family and working life balancing

Incentives to training

Unbeatable working environment.

Training with continuous and adapted courses.

Stable jobs.


Other benefits

Personal/professional support and advice (performance assessment, follow-up assessments, audits, action plants and training plans, climate surveys).

Agreements for the application of discounts in gyms, personal care centres, nurseries, restaurants, etc.

Accident insurance policies in case of death or disablement, gifts cards, team bonuses, annual meeting per countries with a gala dinner where gifts and loyalty prizes are given.

Promotion of the culture of health and physical and mental well-being, by means of studies, trainings and activities. (Fruit day, assessment of psychosocial risks, creating my well-being, etc.).

Exchange with other countries in the company; thanks to exchange experiences you may get to know close up the work we carry out outside Spain, live in a different culture.

CSR Programmes



Compliance of requirements requested by clients, regulations and laws. Development of activities within an environmentally friendly sphere and keeping the integrated management system in search for constant improvement.

Continuous training

for employees

At Necomplus we think of the continuous training of our employees as one of our essential formulas for the success of our actions and processes.

Policies for equality

for women at work

We are highly committed to women equality and we promote equality at work and the incorporation of women to positions of responsibility.

Latest job offers
Send us your resume