Global Benefit

Necomplus is a reference in the comprehensive management and optimisation of TPV/POS (physical, mobile, virtual, PC) at the international level.

It offers qualified staff, expertise of more than 25 years in payment and its own technology which audits and optimises processes, reduces unnecessary travelling to the business through expert tele-assistance, thus increasing the perceived satisfaction or end user experience.

Value proposals

Management of the customer journey of the TPV/ POS from the registration requested up to the installation at the end user, the subsequent tele-assistance as well as special campaigns

Technological capacity: Its own PI and PI-MOBILE solution to control internal procedures and on-site technician procedures. Interconnected tools for closure and material management

Mobile systems for the follow-up of interventions with a digitised report

IT team expert in payment and e-commerce

Maximum solution and response in case of incidents and breakdowns

Maximum satisfaction in end user Experience (measured)

On-site national coverage (leaders in Spain, Portugal and Peru)

Advanced security and LOPD (data protection law)

Methodology and Tools

Own comprehensive IP management platform: Improvement of speed to adapt to the TPV/POS business needs

Own management platform for on-site interventions with on-line interaction with the comprehensive management platform (PI-MOBILE)

Measurement of direct client and end user satisfaction

Expert teams in auditing the service quality

Customisable follow-up tools (reporting) for the service

On-site Installation Services

Software programming and personalisation

Management of device installations in businesses

Expert storage management

Uninstalling with travel and removal

Maintenance and Repair Services

On-site terminal replacement

Expert repair with our own laboratory

Preventive maintenance

Guarantee management

Contact Centre Expert 24×7

Management of the TPV/POS life cycle: acquisition, reactivation, cross-selling, upgrade, retention and recovery

Experts in qualifying the breakdown and tele-assistance for the repair

Reduction of bad debts through the verification of non-productive actions

TPV/POS collection management by courier service

Management of the lost TPV/POS charging and recycling management


Many leading companies choose Necomplus as partner to expertly manage their clients and processes. In the banking sector, we may highlight entities such as Banco Sabadell, CaixaBank or Cajamar, in the insurance sector companies such as DKV-Ergo, in real estate Solvia, in tourism Goldcar rent-a-car, in technology Informática El Corte Inglés, among others.

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