PI, payment network manager

The ticketing tool that simplifies and optimizes the payment network

The efficient, flexible and scalable technological solution, based on Cloud Computing, which improves the speed of adaptation to business needs. The comprehensive customer and POS management tool, which connects in real time all the operational areas involved.

Contact Center

Integrated omnichannel technical assistance in PI.

Operating Control

Online tracking of the history of all the activity carried out.


Configuration of the level of permissions according to the user.


Adaptation to multi-brand / multi-vendor / multi-language environments according to customer requirements.

Field technicians

Real-time tracking of orders in progress.

POS technical laboratory

Complete traceability of interventions on the device.


Automatic inventory management and statistics.

Standard architecture with easy maintenance, the perfect union of design and functionality.

Control and manage from a single tool, control of repairs and interventions in the field, or consult the information related to management…

Control and manage from a single tool

  • Simplification of management and cost optimization.
  • Maximum flexibility to meet customer requirements.
  • Security and high availability.
  • Increased productivity.
  • Agile set-up by operating agents.
  • Maximum security. PCI-DSS compliance.

POS maintenance: intelligent incident management

  • Contains repotings module
  • Automatization of incidence management based on predictive models and default resolution cases.
  • Repairment status records of POS sent to technical service.
  • Acces to incidents and check of the POS status.
  • Provides visibility of the POS stock.

The mobile version of PI solution facilitates the field technicians
interventions, allowing an exhaustive control of SLA as well as the information query in Realtime.


Downloadable for Android smartphone.

  • Online management and closings by field technicians.
  • Geolocation of the technician and trade.
  • Quality surveys to clients.
  • Digitized field technicians
Pi gestor redes pago

PIA, merchant affiliation app


The affiliation of businesses with PIA

  • Omnichannel affiliation service for the POS.
  • Online application integrated in the branch network.
  • Quality control and online reporting in Realtime.
  • Improvement of the entity’s image thanks to the agility of the procedures and the reduction of missed visits.


is the logistics manager that allows to generate requests for all kinds of supplies and accessories based on a predictive model.
The trade will only have to say how it wants the delivery of its consumables.

The Necomplus platform to support the registration of POS terminals provides agility in the management and debugging of failed interventions.

PIA, flexible, intuitive and compatible POS registration support app with commercial actions of the entity that improves its results.

Agility and simplicity

This is the functionality management for businesses that is integrated into CanalApp.
While the e-ticket is being consolidated, Expeditus is the ideal solution for consumables and accessories.

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