Ágora Market

The App’s store to increase sales

Necomplus offers a private and multi-brand marketplace,
essential to manage differential applications in Android POS.

Improve the customer experience in commerce by authorizing the upload of financial and non-financial value-added apps.

The corporate marketplace for your Android POS fleet

  • Allow merchants to install the Apps from the corporate Marketplace, previously installed in their Android POS equipment
  • Control the authorship, approval and signature of the downloadable Apps from your marketplace.
  • Implement all the changes in your Android POS, also from the private link of the management website.

Ágora, the Necomplus marketplace for the control, management, distribution and collaboration of the POS network

  • POS and data protection
  • Equipment geolocation
  • Management and maintenance of the Android device pool
  • Available to all major manufacturers
  • Ecosystem for the development of solutions for own or collaborative use.

Canal App, merchant self-management

CanalApp establishes a communication channel between the POS network manager and the merchants, so that they can efficiently transfer incidents, notifications or alerts for resolution.

Main functionalities

  • Guided system for incidents’ reporting.
  • POS application.
  • Consumables request through the Expeditus app.
  • Validation of authorized technicians.
  • Direct access to content for commerce (videos, FAQs, manuals …)
  • Entity push messages
  • Satisfaction/ quality surveys…


The solución allows the merchant to communicate proactively with the entity for management of registrations, cancellations and incidents.

Agility for the POS network management entity

CanalApp is the way that anticipates the needs of the merchant, allowing to classify incidents and optimize the back office, maximizing the support team’s.

Improvement of the entity’s POS commercial targets

  • It helps to achieve commercial objectives, facilitating the sale of acquiring solutions that, due to their technological component, do not usually dominate the branch network well.
  • Digitize the service sales experience.

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