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Real estate sector

Discover how Necomplus has helped in the real estate sector.

Reference service

Necomplus’ support is key for the correct profiling of customers, providing excellence in personalized attention, reducing of attention times as well as optimizing the cross-selling opportunities. This all leads to an improved clients’ brand image perception and the annual turnover.

The company is currently at the forefront of the real estate sector with the launch of the digital real estate service through the intensive use of technology and online marketing.


With more than 470,000 property purchase-sale operations and an increase of almost 17% with regard to the previous year, 2017 closes as the best year in the real estate sector since 2008. And these figures do not stop growing, as for 2018 we expect the sale of more than 560,000 properties, which means a market increase of more than 18%.

This situation forces real estate agencies to focus more on anticipation, coordination, follow-up and intelligence applied to its assets and commercial strength, if they do not want to see how the competition gains ground.

The highly specialised structures in commercial and acquisition activity often make us come across companies that need an additional effort in services which are not their core business.


  • Increase in the number of properties to be offered.
  • Difficulty to find new properties from private clients.
  • Outdated properties.
  • Standard attention irrespective of the type of client.
  • Poor follow-up control of own and associate sales representatives.
  • Loss of new client calls and possible commercial actions.
  • Lack of personalised follow-up.
  • Poor client profiling, thus loosing sales opportunities.
  • Staff sizing problems during seasonal increases.
  • Loss of traceability in actions requested by the client.
  • No reassignment was done to other potential areas of interest to the client.
  • Focus on face-to-face visits, neglecting other possible client acquisition channels.
  • Non-existence of cross-selling culture. Lack of professionalism in omnichannel attention, with long response time.
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Action plan

The main established goal is proactivity in the search of real estate assets, the correct profiling of clients and the excellence in personalised attention according to the clients’ needs, as well as providing administrative support to your own and the franchised commercial network.

With the support of Necomplus, you achieve an increase in the number of properties, a decrease in response time for clients and cross-selling, thus offering the entity an improvement of their perception as brand image and of their annual turnover.

We are currently leaders in the real estate sector with the launching of our digital real estate service through the intensive use of technology and on-line marketing.


  • Increase in the stock of properties to offer.
  • Facilitation to the commercial network of “hot” contacts.
  • Expansion of sales possibilities with the improvement of customer profiling and reassignment to assets of interest.
  • Increase in the number of clients who transform their rental contract into a purchase contract.
  • Improvement of the brand image and positioning in social networks with exclusive service channels
  • Centralized incident management, reducing waiting times.
  • Attention in up to 8 languages.
  • Creation of a Premium channel for large investors.
  • Reduction of incidents by having an expert team in administration and community management.