Marketing POS and affiliation of merchants in Latin America.

More than 50.000 affiliated merchants

Discover how Necomplus has helped in this initiative reference project

Reference project

Necomplus has been key in the digitization of payments from thousands of businesses in Peru and Colombia through the sale or rental of the POS, based on the great acceptance offered by interoperability between networks and the added value of payment devices as a transforming element of the business model.

More than 50,000 affiliated businesses, a figure that will increase in the coming years with the launch of new projects managed entirely by Necomplus to attract businesses.

¿What services does it include?

The Necomplus affiliation project digitizes payments at the “base of the pyramid” through the commercialization of POS terminals as a way to capture existing value.

From the offices in Peru, Colombia and the Dominican Republic, a value proposition is offered that includes everything from attracting merchants on behalf of the entity, to the purchase of the POS and its transfer in sale or rental mode, managing the after-sales service to the merchant.

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