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Necomplus joins Payten to strengthen Asseco South Eastern Europe’s payment methods division

Necomplus, the Spanish multinational with more than 25 years of experience in expert payment and customer service solutions, joins Payten, an Asseco South Eastern Europe (ASEE) brand that covers more than 176 million people in 13 countries , to expand the payment methods division of Grupo Asseco.

Grupo Necomplus, the service outsourcing company with more than two decades of successful experience and presence in six countries, joins Payten, the division specializing in means of payment of Asseco South Eastern Europe (ASEE), which at the end of January, acquired 67.66% of the shares of the Spanish company until now held by Asseco Poland.

The operation to incorporate Necomplus into Payten, led by Piotr Jelenski, president and CEO of ASEE, seeks the union of the payment services companies belonging to the Asseco Group, to bring dynamism to the business and accelerate Payten’s geographical expansion. Necomplus, a benchmark in the Iberian market in its segment, with 25 years of experience in omnichannel payment and service solutions, achieved a turnover of 24.6 million euros in 2018, driven by the consolidation of the Latin American market, where it has been present since 2014. Currently, Necomplus serves the main processors and acquirers of means of payment in Colombia, Peru and the Dominican Republic. With this transaction, Payten accelerates its growth strategy, expands its portfolio of expert payment solutions and expands its global presence.

ASEE is part of the Asseco Group, one of the top ten software providers in Europe offering a wide range of proprietary technology solutions for key industries. ASEE is listed like its parent company on the Warsaw Stock Exchange (WSE) and has more than 1,600 employees in the region. Likewise, it offers a complete portfolio of banking products in 8 monetary systems as well as a wide range of solutions for telecommunications, utilities and the public sector.

Payten, ASEE’s new brand, was born with the aim of bringing together all the Group’s means of payment solutions for financial and non-financial transactions under the same unit. The company, which operates in the Balkan region in the field of electronic commerce, transactional security, optimization of payment processes or management of the park of ATMs and point of sale terminals, employs more than 500 people , a team that will triple with the addition of the 800 Necomplus employees. In the same way, the incorporation of the company will increase Payten’s turnover by 50%, currently close to 50 million euros.

Juan Vicente Cantó (Executive President) and Lorenzo Campos (CEO) will continue to lead the management team of Necomplus, also becoming part of the management team of Payten to cooperate in common international projects.

Juan Vicente Cantó, Executive President of Necomplus, has highly valued this operation that “maximizes future synergies with Payten, accelerating our growth strategy, which is why we feel very excited about this new chapter in the history of Necomplus with Asseco; a journey that we began in 2010 convinced that it will continue to bring excellent business opportunities to our company”.

Piotr Jeleński, President and CEO of ASEE Group, considers that “the acquisition of Necomplus is part of Payten’s strategy to grow the payments business of its portfolio of products and solutions, as well as its geographical reach, to meet and exceed customer expectations and market trends.” He also added that he is convinced that accessing markets outside the Balkan region will allow them to boost Payten’s expansion.

The Necomplus Group, present in Spain, Andorra, Portugal, Colombia, Peru and the Dominican Republic, acquires a new dimension with this agreement by introducing its contact center services in the ASEE markets, a business area that is only offered by the Spanish company within Asseco. And it is that Necomplus has extensive experience in the banking, real estate, insurance or tourism sectors, where it manages processes and clients for brands, covering their needs in an integral way. Banco Sabadell, CaixaBank, BBVA or Cajamar, as well as VisaNet and Procesos Medios de Pago, CredibanCo, CardNet in Latin America, are some of the leading companies that choose Necomplus as a partner due to its high degree of commitment, flexibility and proactivity in providing services, as well as for its ability to provide innovative and efficient ad hoc technological solutions.

Necomplus, with its know-how of more than 25 years in technological innovation in the sector of payment methods and omni-channel customer service, becomes a strategic player for Payten’s future expansion plans.

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