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Necomplus celebrates the NecomCare Charity-Sports Day in Spain, Portugal, Peru and Colombia

  • The event has meant the reunion of the people of Necomplus on the occasion of the 1st meeting organized after the pandemic
  • The conference was framed within the 2021 agenda of the Necomplus Commitment, a CSR project aligned with the SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals) of the UN 2030 Agenda
  • Necomplus has made the donation in favor of  APAMM APAMCM and other non-profit entities in Latin America on the occasion of International Breast Cancer Day

Necomplus held the NecomCare Day last Saturday, October 16, a charity-sports event held in unison in Spain, Portugal, Peru and Colombia, which has brought together for the first time after the most delicate phase of the pandemic, apart from the people who They are part of the company.

The NecomCare Conference organized by Necomyou, the employee’s club, brought together a hundred people from all the company’s departments in Spain, as well as a large representation of the Board of Directors with the president of Necomplus – Juan Vicente Cantó, the CEO – Lorenzo Campos , the director of HR – Sara López, the director of Development – ​​Juan José López, the director of Digital Transformation – Idaika Iglesias, the director of Finance – Vanesa Ortega or the director of the Operations Transformation Office – Gonzalo Redondo, among others.

All the participants had the opportunity to practice several disciplines for free: paddle tennis, zumba, yoga or soccer, as well as to enjoy the surroundings of the Club Atlético Montemar, a benchmark for national sport that in its more than 90-year history has obtained more of 50 Spanish titles, and which has contributed 32 international athletes and 2 Olympians. And the fact is that Necomplus’s relationship with Montemar is manifest, since the company has sponsored the cadet basketball school tournaments for several years as a symbol of the company’s fundamental sporting values.

Donation in favor of breast cancer

The NecomCare day, which became an emotional reunion point for the staff after more than a year of pandemic and remote work, had a solidarity pin. Juan Vicente Cantó, president of Necomplus, presented a donation of €1,500 in favor of APAMM (Alicante Association of Women with Breast Cancer) on the occasion of the International Breast Cancer Day that will take place on October 19. The company collaborates with the non-profit entity as it is very sensitive to this ailment, not in vain more than 50% of its workforce is female.

NecomCare, an international day

Several Necomplus subsidiaries joined the NecomCare event, organizing their respective charity-sports actions for employees in Portugal, Peru and Colombia. Specifically, in Lisbon, the Necomyou club organized a walk in the open air with the participation of employees and family members. Likewise, a donation was made in favor of APAMCM, the Portuguese Associação de Apoio à Mulher com Cancro da Mama. In Latin America, the Necomyou club organized soccer tournaments in Peru and Colombia with matches that brought together a large part of the squad. In addition, from all the Necomplus subsidiaries in Latin America, a donation will be made in the coming days in favor of different awareness projects on breast cancer promoted by non-profit entities

The sports events that took place on the occasion of the NecomCare Conference under the framework of SDG 3- Health and Well-being of Necomplus Commitment, highlighted Corporate Social Responsibility as a way to benefit the social environment by aligning the company’s values of human capital and the Solidarity.

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