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Necomplus, DEC Association and Aquora bring together 150 people at the CX-Leaders III conference

Business leaders in Customer Experience such as Cajamar, Grupo ASV Seguros, CX Design Lab, Necomplus or Aquora connected with an audience eager to learn more about this new discipline that is revolutionizing the business world at the ULab Alicante headquarters. This is the third CX Leaders conference of 2018, a year in which half a thousand people attended to study the success stories, in addition to those mentioned, of Bankia, Goldcar, Ribera Salud, Opticalia or the DEC Association (Development of Experience Customer), among others.

rupo Necomplus, the business services outsourcing company, Aquora Business Education and the DEC Association (Development of Customer Experience) once again bring together 150 people in the III Edition of the CX-Leaders conference “Customer Experience as cultural transformation of the company. This event featured high-level speakers such as Soraya Góngora, Director of Customer Experience at BBC – Cajamar Cooperative Group; Luis Nouel, Head of Research and Markets at Grupos ASV, Juan Alegre, partner at CX Design Lab, David Rueda, director of Customer Experience at Necomplus and Juan Carlos Requena, managing partner at Aquora.

The Customer Experience, this new discipline of marketing, the quality of processes and the empowerment of employees that has studies that correlate it with a higher rate of profitability implies for David Rueda, Director of Marketing and Customer Experience at Grupo Necomplus “manage the feelings and memories that customers take home after interacting with your brand, in order to exceed their expectations and connect emotionally with them”. Rueda, also an ambassador for DEC, the largest Spanish-speaking community on Customer Experience, stressed the importance of implementing this culture with methodology. He described the DEC Association’s methodology, called “the Customer Wave or the 5 I’s, which requires forging a unique brand identity, gaining board support, employee experience, managing customer interactions and a measurement and reaction in real time”.

Juan Carlos Requena, director of Aquora Business Education, took over from Rueda, encouraging those present to carry out an exercise in transforming their companies, questioning culture to detect what deficiencies are camouflaged by the inertia of customs. In addition, he added that “companies are not going to be differentiated by their products or services because they will end up being very similar. In a globalized world, the difference is going to be the experience”. In fact, he took the opportunity to announce the launch of the next Aquora executive course in March on the implementation of Customer Experience in companies, with leading national experts, which aroused great interest among the professionals and managers in attendance.

Next, Juan Alegre, director of CX Design Lab, for whom the commitment to Customer Experience is the only way to grow sustainably, noting that “86% of customers take experience into account when deciding the purchase ”. He presented the proprietary technology platform CustomerGauge, which helps companies improve and monetize the customer experience. A system that automatically measures and analyzes customer feedback, reduces churn, and helps retain customers using the NPS® system. He surprised attendees with comprehensive, intuitive and dynamic dashboards, clearing up one of the concerns in this discipline, which is how to measure experience.

Next, Luis Nouel from Meridiano Seguros (ASV Group), the insurer specializing in death and home policies for more than 60 years, described its Relational Manual, or what is the same, the guide for the implementation of the Customer Experience , a transversal work that involves all levels of the company, with special relevance to the team that interacts directly with the client. A 61% increase in sales and a 79% improvement in customer relations are some of the data that Nouel presented in his success story. For Nouel, in a world with similar products, the differences will be marked by emotions and the attachment that we achieve with them to our brand.

Soraya Góngora, director of Customer Experience at BBC – Grupo Cajamar, put the finishing touch to the III CX-Leaders conference stating that the Customer Experience is the ultimate goal of any company. “Work for and for the client and, above all, from the client”. He encouraged a transversal impact throughout the organization, involving everyone from the concierge to the CEO, with the aim of “both listening to and satisfying the needs of the client” and “if everyone is clear about it, it will positively affect the mid-term and mid-term income statement.” long term”. She also contextualized her sector by commenting that “in the field of credit cooperatives, emotions have always been part of the differential value”. Góngora, also an ambassador for the DEC Association, shared with the attendees how they define their own relationship indicator.

The event had the collaboration of the Circle of Economy of the Province of Alicante, the Mediterranean Marketing Club and Economy3.

This third CX Leaders day continues the saga of the two previous ones held last June in Valencia and Alicante, where the audience, also large, was able to learn from the success stories of companies such as Bankia, Goldcar, Ribera Salud, Opticalia, Grupo Idex, Connecting Visions or the DEC Association itself.

The great interest aroused in this discipline among the attendees, in addition to the agile and innovative format of the conference, make Necomplus, Aquora and the DEC Association already work on a fourth edition to be held during the year 2019.

Grupo Necomplus, the service outsourcing company that improves the experience of clients of large companies in sectors such as means of payment, banking, insurance, real estate, retail and tourism, essentially manages the processes and clients of the brands, covering their needs comprehensively. Starting from a diagnosis to enhance the Customer Experience, it offers services such as omnichannel customer service, specialist back office (BPO), telemarketing, customer retention, surveys, field installations and customized software.

Vídeo resumen de la III Jornada CX-Leaders

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