Milestones and awards


Awards Received


Necomplus foundation

The company is taking its first steps in the means of payment sector.


Coverage throughout Spain, expansion to the Iberian Peninsula

The initial activity focused on software development for payment terminals expands into maintenance service supported by own technical service desk. Nationwide expansion of offices’ network and field technicians.


Launch of the Portuguese subsidiary in 2005.

Necomplus has consolidated its position as a global player in the payments space generating superior experiences with a wide porfolio of solutions and services for the main processors and acquirers.


Member of a top ten software vendor in Europe Asseco

Necomplus is part of Asseco, ranked 6th largest software vendor in Europe, acquiring financial strength and access to the latest technologies while maintaining its management control. Its portfolio of services, in addition to the global POS management including software, extends into BPO Contact Center business.


Expansion in Latin America

Having consolidated its presence in Spain, Portugal and Andorra, Necomplus began its international expansion by replicating its successful business model in Colombia, Peru and Dominican Republic. Necomplus has local presence in the six countries where it operates in Latin America.


25º Aniversary. Awards

Best internationalization award – Economía 3, Customer Experience Award – Executives, University-Business Award – University of Alicante, Ambassadir of the Valencian Community – DEC Association and promoter of the MIA Customer Experience award.


Integration in Payten, Asseco’s means of payment division

Necomplus leads the Iberia and Latam regions of the Asseco South Eastern Europe (ASEE) payment division, bringing dynamism to the business and accelerating Payten’s geographic expansion, as well as its payment solutions portfolio.

Durante su trayectoria, Necomplus ha recibido numerosos galardones que reconocen la labor y profesionalidad de la empresa.

Best internationalization award 2018 from Economía 3 magazine

Necomplus has been recognised for its with this prestigious award in recognition of its successful results in countries such as Portugal, Andorra, Dominican Republic, Colombia and Peru, all with their own physical headquarters. Economía 3 Magazine is the leader in economic and business information in the Valencian Community.

Executives 2018 client experience award

Necomplus has been distinguished with this prestigious award in recognition of the effort, dedication and excellence that identify multinational in its 25-year history. The Ejecutivos Magazine, one of the main economic headers of the Spanish publishing industry and a reference for the socio-economic sector gathered in the III Edition of the Executive Awards to numerous institutional and business representatives.

Company – University award 2018

The academic institution praised the teaching work of the Necomplus management as well as their welcoming and integration of university trainees.