The problem of some insurance companies, insurance brokers or bankassurance divisions is the difficulty to increase the net policy base.

Although the number of acquisitions is very high, the churn rate is also very high, which prevents a high growth in the base and profitability.

In the case of bankassurance, it is also hit when there is no continuity of incentives every month of the year regarding the commercialisation of policies in bank offices.

Some directors openly admit that with the ambitious sales targets that are set, only face-to-face sales are not sufficient.


Cross-selling in insurances only works when offices have incentives

Incentives for insurance sale are discontinuous throughout the year

The quality of sales is very unequal by regions

The % of sales perceived as forced is abnormally high

Lack of specialist know-how in insurance cover in offices

There is no smart programme for the upsell or upgrade of clients who already have policies

There was no smart programme for proactive retention

The face-to-face network was not specialised in client retention when these wanted to cancel

No continued campaigns were run ad hoc to recover policies

Action Plan

In order to increase the global profitability of the policy base, the phases of cross-selling, upgrade, retention and recovery of cards must be executed in an efficient and simultaneous manner.

Bank offices are not specialists in insurances, and agents and brokers do not reach out beyond their territorial area.

A specialised provider with 25 years of experience in insurances and BPO Contact Centre, with advanced technology in management, technology and customer experience, such as Necomplus, is able to introduce, in parallel to face-to-face sales, all these commercial phases with visible effects in barely a few months.

When the bank entity, insurance company or insurance broker relies on Necomplus, it achieves a qualitative and quantitative leap in the exploitation of its portfolio and, therefore, in its operating accounts.


Recurrent increase of new registrations by cross-selling, with 8% to 15% success, thanks to specialist remote teams

Creation of continued successful campaigns for cover upgrade, policies and insured persons,

Launching of a retention specialists platform preventing between 40 and 50% of annual churn (with up to 7 promotional tools)

Recovery with special offers to profitable clients who cancelled, up to 20% success.

Global increase of the benefit margin, by increasing the registrations through cross-selling, creating continued upgrade campaigns and working on client retention with a special department to prevent the high churn rate.

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