Bank entities compete to stand out in the business acquirer payment, a tremendously mature market.

In this context, most entities outsourced their business service centre in the same provider, treating this activity as “no core”, as the customer experience is the same for all.

Some entities questioned this model and have decided to create their own business service centre

One of these entities, looking to stand out, proposed its providers of the field payment device service the challenge to manage interaction with clients from a unique excellence centre, offering its businesses premium experience in registration, incident and withdrawal service.

Action Plan

Necomplus designed a new solution combining a deep business knowledge and the use of technology to transform the experience of service users

The resulting solution services three levels:

Businesses using the solution

Interaction with the entity for the management of registrations, withdrawals and incidents in a much more proactive and efficient manner.

Anticipation of the business needs; the entity will help detail those needs and accompanies throughout the process.

Maximisation of the remote solution, thanks to the expert knowledge provided by the solution to the support agent.

Entity’s commercial network

It helps meet the business goals, by providing the sale of acquiring solutions which, given their technological component, the office network does not usually master

It digitalises the service sale experience

Entity’s internal backoffice

It allows an efficient solution to any incident in the service requiring the entity's intervention, by categorising the service needed and scaling by means of a service tool for internal users, by avoiding e-mails and calls


Improvement in the client satisfaction rate in the acquiring service (NPS)

Improvement in the satisfaction of the entity's commercial network (CSAT)

Use of our own user service tool, for other departments beyond the area of payment

Global increase of the benefit margin by increasing the productivity and profitability of the acquiring business.
The improvement of productivity was based on process optimisation, the reduction of travelling to the business and agility of our own technological solution.
The greatest profitability came from the new registrations by cross-selling, constant upgrade campaigns and the retention of clients with a specialised department.
Furthermore, the satisfaction perceived by the bank entity’s businesses (NPS) significantly increased thanks to the expertise in service and support from Necomplus, the drastic reduction of incidents and the increase in the capacity for response to businesses

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