For some financial entities it is very complicated to increase the margin of bank cards.

In spite of the constant new issuing of cards, the high non-activation rate at the beginning, the low average use subsequently and finally the high cancellation (or churn) rate, net growth is negligible.

This causes high pressure for results and the obsessive concentration of resources only on the entry or gaining of cards, without being aware of the efficacy achieved by acting in all phases of the life cycle of a card client.


Card cross-selling achieved lower and lower response rates

In activation there was no integral reporting, with protocol inconsistency among channels and there was not even one central person responsible

As regards the revolving method of payment (credit), previous experiences were not satisfactory, and were blocked by resistance from the office network

Upgrade policies from standard card to gold card were not efficient, did not have a consistent model and were discontinued without any learning registration

There was no smart programme (one to one) for incentives for use

Card retention was inefficient; it was conducted from the offices, with no method, training or incentive

No continued campaigns were run to recover cards

Action Plan

In order to increase the global profitability of the number of credit and debit cards, the phases of cross-selling, activation, value development, retention and recovery of cards must be executed in an efficient and simultaneous manner.

A specialised provider with 25 years of experience in payment and BPO Contact Centre, with advanced technology in client management and technology, such as Necomplus, is able to introduce all these commercial phases with visible effects in barely a couple of months.

When the bank entity relies on Necompuls, it achieves a qualitative and quantitative leap in its operating accounts.


Continued success rate of 20-35% in recurrent campaigns of cards cross-selling

In collaboration with the bank and within the new smart and multichannel new activation programme, increase by 18 points in card activation (when gaining is remote)

Continued quarterly campaigns with rates of change to revolving of 15%, with 68% remaining in that modality of payment after two years

Continued quarterly campaigns of supplementary or additional cards with rates around 30%

Recurrent upgrade campaigns with rates of 15%

Launching of telephone platforms expert in retention, preventing between 40 and 50% of churn attempts

Launching of recurrent client recovery campaigns (top profitable) with ad hoc offers with success rates from 15 to 25%

Global increase of the margin in the payment departments, by increasing registrations by cross-selling, increasing the activation rate of issued cards, creating successful campaigns both for upgrade to Gold and change to the revolving modality, launching a platform of trained experts to retain for reasons and recover with special offers for profitable clients who cancelled.

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