Some rent-a-car companies run the risk of dying of success. Sometimes continued growth in sales does not come with proportional growth in the structure.

Specifically, the structure and the client service and reservation department are too small, not very flexible, without the appropriate technology and not updated in the Customer Experience trends.

This noise and lack of optimisation of the internal organisation not only has an impact on branding, but forces the company to reduce energies to the detriment of real differentiation in its core, digital transformation or the new opening of rent-a-car offices in countries.


Up to 50% lost calls in the summer

Long waiting times

Average management time for a complaint up to 20 days

Need to consult another department up to 45% of times

Rigidity of the staff in the case of peaks or seasons

No discrimination of client segments

No specialised software to register information and record calls

Only service channels are telephone and e-mail

Only three languages available 100% of the opening hours

High number of errors in manual processes

Outdated arguments

Difficulty to access the client's record

Reporting difficult to extract and not always consistent

Action Plan

In order to grow, improving branding and without losing the focus of improving the core, the natural response of the rent-a-car market is to outsource services to a supplier specialised in client management and technology, such as Necomplus.

A specialised supplier implements immediate actions, with expertise in processes that substantially improve customer Experience of the brands they represent.


Minimum answer during all months of the year of 90% of the calls

Reduction of waiting time by 50%

Reduction of the file management time from 20 to 5 days

Flexibility of the staff in various hours, shifts and seasonality

Different lines with different teams according to the client: holiday, premium, corporate, fleets

Specialised software with call recording and registration and classification of all actions

Expanded service channels with e-mail, chat, texting and WhatsApp

From 3 to 9 languages available for client service

Process standardisation and reduction of 75% of mismatches

Maximum speed for agent to access the client's record

After implementation of the action plan, results spoke for themselves, achieving a substantial improvement of the service and the customer experience. All these changes had a very positive impact on process improvement, greater flexibility and, above all, in the improvement of the client service.

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