Global Benefit

The brand that relies on Necomplus obtains an increase in the quality of service (perceived by end users), the improvement of productivity thanks to process optimisation and profitability increase thanks to new tools or business generation through remote channels (non face-to-face); benefits proved by an increase in branding ratios and in Customer Experience

More channels

More languages

Better experience

Value proposals

Experts in Customer Experience (award by the journal Ejecutivos 2018)

Comprehensive management throughout the client's Customer Journey: since it is a lead, up to purchase, after-sales, client retention and recovery

Omnichannel: We manage all channels so that the client can choose

Latest technology applied to client and process management

Advanced security, LOPD (data protection law) and experts in payment and e-commerce

Methodology and Tools

Latest contact centre technology

Models for service acceptance tendency

Own retention EMAO model

Client satisfaction measurement NPS (Net Promoter Score)

Service to improve Client Service

Improves the satisfaction of the end user, unifies processes, provides expertise and optimises resolution.

Basic and specialist client service

Helpdesk or technical support

Tele-repair and Tele-training

Satisfaction surveys focusing on action plans

Internal support and control (to commercial network or departments)

Management of issue and acquiring fraud (banking)

Services to Increase your Sales

Increases and automates remote sales of the first product, as well as additional ones and through upgrade.

Arranging visits to points of sales or commercial outlets

Remote cross-selling


Service activation programmes

Change from freemium to payment products

Services to Retain and Recover Clients

Slows down and reduces client churn rates, recovers profitable past clients and optimises recovery, by improving the portfolio’s profitability.

Platform for client reactive retention

Proactive or preventive retention campaigns

Recovery of profitable clients


Surveys on reasons for cancellation

Services to Optimise Processes (BPO)

Data entry

Invoice matching

Changes to conditions or contract cancellations

Registration control or ticketing

Incident and complaint management

Credit blocking and authorisation centre (banking)



Many leading companies choose Necomplus as partner to expertly manage their clients and processes. In the banking sector, we may highlight entities such as Banco Sabadell, CaixaBank or Cajamar, in the insurance sector companies such as DKV-Ergo, in real estate Solvia, in tourism Goldcar rent-a-car, in technology Informática El Corte Inglés, among others.

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