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Necomplus manages processes and clients on behalf of brands by meeting their needs in a comprehensive manner. Starting from a diagnosis in Customer Experience, we provide services such as omnichannel service to clients, backoffice specialist (BPO), telemarketing, retention, recovery of clients and surveys to sectors such as Banking, Insurances, Real Estate, Retail or Tourism.

In payment we are experts on services ranging from installation, maintenance and field repair of TPV/POS devices to the personalised software design.

7 million
interactions per year

More than 800 professionals and more than 600 jobs
7 Platforms distributed in 6 countries

Necomplus manages processes and brand clients by meeting their needs in a comprehensive manner. With services of BPO Contact Centre, Installations, Maintenance and Repairs and personalised Software solutions

With 25 years of leadership providing services and technology to the large brands. Present in 6 countries, with 7 platforms and more than 800 employees. Ejecutivos Award 2018 in Customer Experience.

Thanks to our methodology and capability we are a renowned company in sectors such as banking, insurances, real estate, retail and tourism. We are one of the international references in the management of  Payment.

Necomplus is part of the technology giant Asseco present in 55 countries, with 24,000 employees, more than 1,5 billion euros of annual turnover and Top 6 in software sellers in Europe.


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Collaborating employees


% First Contact Resolution


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Net Promoter Score (NPS)


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Necomplus is part of the Asseco Group, a technology corporation, 6th software seller across Europe, present in more than 55 countries and with more than 24,000 employees.

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