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The Differential Payment Experience

Necomplus is an international benchmark in the payment means sector, providing its own technology to generate differential solutions. A history of almost 30 years supports the comprehensive management and optimization of payment networks on physical, mobile, eCommerce or PC devices.

From its headquarters in Europe and Latin America, Necomplus implements successful payment solutions in its clients, financial and non-financial entities that rely on the company as a technological partner to boost their business, improve the payment experience and be responsive with the latest technology.

Since 2010, Necomplus has been part of Asseco (ACP),the 6th largest software vendor in Europe, with a presence in more than 50 countries and with more than 200 banks as clients in payment methods. Advancing in its integration into the group, Necomplus has led since 2019 the payment means division of ASEE / Payten (ASE) in Iberia and Latam, a listed company like Asseco, in (WSE).

600.000 POS managed per year
Development of more than 300 APPs in the payments ecosystem

Customers find in Necomplus payment products that boost their businesses. Through comprehensive payment management, they improve the customer experience of the main processors, acquirers and national and international merchants.

Necomplus has 6 offices in Iberia and Latin America, and a multidisciplinary team of more than 700 members committed to excellence and the delivery of value-added solutions.

Necomplus is a benchmark in the payments sector, providing its own and differential technological developments. Specialization, flexibility, responsiveness and technological innovation with a human component are its hallmarks.

Get to know the most relevant Necomplus success stories, examples of the integration of products and payment solutions that identify the added value proposals that we offer to customers.




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Payten is the payment means division of Asseco South Eastern Europe (ASEE), one of the main companies in the payments sector, covering a market of more than 600M inhabitants in 22 countries. Specialized in solutions and services for payments with added value, Payten includes a complete portfolio of products for eCommerce, mPayments or the management of ATM networks.

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